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May 15, 2020

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Our ocean can be built to abundance in one generation.
.blue has joined forces with the ocean community to put this mission right at your fingertips. By using our search engine you contribute every day.

How it works

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Unification for our oceans & humankind

That is what is needed today. Through the simple act of searching, we can create the healthy and abundant oceans of the future together. Learn more about the organizations behind the search engine and the initiaves you ́re supporting.

Photo Credit: Francis Perez

Photo Credit: Francis Perez


How are revenues generated?

.blue works with the same model as Google. Each click on a sponsored link generates a small revenue, which varies depending on the search term.

How is this revenue used?

All of our profits remain within a charitable system. Sixty percent is allocated to leading ocean conservation organizations to support people and projects dedicated to restoring our oceans to abundance within one human generation. The remaining forty percent is earmarked to run and further develop the search engine as well as for campaigns, online marketing activities and building the online portal by the Oceans2050 Foundation.

What technology is .blue based upon?

.blue is based on Microsoft’s Bing search algorithm. The auto-complete feature is provided by Searchturbo Ltd.

What is .blue´s CO2 footprint like?

Searching with .blue is CO2 neutral. Three factors are decisive:
1. .blue is hosted CO2-free.
2. The search queries are processed by BING. The company introduced an internal CO2 tax in 2012 and has been CO2-neutral since then.
3. Last not least, the support of ocean afforestation projects have an additional CO2 positive effect.

How does .blue protect my privacy?

.blue is a privacy friendly search engine that helps you reduce your digital footprint. This includes:
1. We do not create personal user profiles of you. Many web services collect user information in order to resell it without their explicit permission. We do not sell your information and search queries to advertisers.
2. We encrypt your searches to protect your searches from potential interceptors.
3. We do not use externally hosted tracking tools. Most websites use external tracking tools such as Google Analytics to improve their service.

Who’s behind .blue?

.blue is an initiative of the charitable Oceans 2050 Foundation established under the leadership of ocean restoration advocate Alexandra Cousteau. We are launching this initiative in cooperation with our partner organizations OCEANA and SeaLegacy. The search engine is operated by Gexsi, a B Corp Certified social business dedicated to turning internet search technology into a powerful fund raising tool for good causes.